About Us

Thank you for taking interest in MECC and our company structure as well as 10 mission statements that we adhere to as we serve each and everyone of our customer.

MECC is a spin-off company from OEM Components Division (ECD) of MBC (Massoud & Brothers and Company) in 2005.

As we are delighted to report that as a result of hard work and diligence of the extended MECC team, we have been able to achieve good ratings and growth, while gaining your satisfaction and trust. With this letter, there are 10 Team's Mission and Promise, the guideline by which we shall always measure our Team's performance by.
To use our team's hard work and professional, world-class attitude and systems to build up and maintain every customer's trust and total satisfaction. The low-risk solution - our team employs a balanced low-risk approach to fulfill our clients' needs for high quality parts and assemblies, we draw on our mature and cost effective Taiwan and China based supply chain.


Let me further elaborate our 10 key guidelines:

  1. ​​​​​​Achieve and maintain leadership in Supply-Chain Management.  Strive to achieve and maintain a leading position in the business of OEM Supply-Chain Solution for precision high-quality parts and accessories.
  2. Build a Great Reputation - Strive to build an excellent reputation to create long-term value for our stakeholders, shareholders and business partners as well as customers.
  3. Limit our impact on our incredible plant - Strive to be responsible citizens of Mother Earth, in our team's operations, whether seen or unseen by our peers or neighbors, so as to pay our dues in the sacrifice we must all make towards the future of the next generation.
  4. Ship includes Right and On Time - Always strive to ship maximum possible yield to our customers, on time and at the right quality, quantity and price.
  5. Admit Any Mistakes and Fix Immediately - Always admit any mistakes clearly and quickly.  Take ownership of problems and have a sense of urgency to help our business partners when there are quality issue or when our team fails in delivering on any part of our mission statement or its intended promises.  Any failure of any member or members of the team is a team failure.  It should always be dealt with as a team issue.
  6. Commitment to Honesty - always strive to be completely credible and honest with our business partners, team members and stake holders, while being diligent to minimize our business partners' exposure to risk. Take the initiative to help them with their challenges, in a sincere and professional manner.
  1. Service and Penniman. Excellence-Strive to achieve and maintain courteous service and performance excellence, a great working environment and efficient systems that can support increasing growth.  Along this journey we will enrich the lives of our business partners, team members, and shareholders for our common good.  Hence our team must keep a healthy mind and body to be able to overcome all the challenges that shall lie in our team's way, and be able to do so while keeping a healthy lifestyle at work and at our extended homes.
  2. Say What We Mean and Mean What We Say - 'Always say what we mean and mean what we say when dealing with our business partners, stakeholders and team members and shareholders.
  3. Embrace Suggestions and New Ideas - Always embrace opportunities and suggestions for cost reduction initiatives promoted by our business partners.  Furthermore, be proactive in promoting new ideas towards continuous improvement so as to maintain and maximize a competitive position for the clients.
  4. Long-Term Vision: Credibility and Reputation - Always protect our company's credibility and reputation, even when this would mean an added burden or financial loss for our team. After all, the greatest value to all of us can only be accomplished through the realization of the Company's Mission.  The Mission will be realized through the passion, hard work, dedication and integrity of the extended MECC Team. Adhering to such values will result in a high level of satisfaction from MECC customers.

Furthermore, we would like to work you through the manufacturing process MECC is familiar with. We have extensive experience in working with parts and assemblies that incorporate Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Zinc, Copper/Brass and Engineered Plastics.

Precision CNC Machining (up to 8 Axial)

Die-Casting (Zinc and Aluminum)

Forging (Cold and Hot)

Stamping and Laser Etching

Deep Drawing

Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Investment Casting

Powder Metallurgy

Precision Tube Bending & Forming

Precision Sand-Casting/Gravity Casting

Welding (Brazing, TIG, CO2 & Spot Welding)

Heat Treatment

High-End Black Chrome Plating

High-End Bright Chrome Plating

High-End Electroless Nickel Plating

Hard-Coat Anodizing


Powder Coating

Most of MECC's staff at the Taipei Headquarter have an engineering background and speak English plus at least one other language. They provide indispensable input, not just as far as understanding, documenting and advocating the clients specific requirements but also in qualifying the most appropriate supply chain for a specific project.  They are also in charge of drawing up a full set of quality control and SQL sampling documents and plans, which are specifically geared to address the clients' needs. To ensure the Shortest development lead time and avoid re-occurance of problems, they conduct Equipment & Process Capability Studies, Potential Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (PFEMA), Corrective/Preventative Action Reports (CPAR), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Production Control Planning & Monitoring. And needless to say, we exercise all practices under ISO 9001:2015 compliance.

Connie Chen-Massoud
MECC International Corporation